Relationships Matter
Relationships Matter

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At Alizwao, we deliver a powerful combination of innovative solutions and trusted insight to support your relationships in customer network, from concept to operation. Whether you are preparing your product or services for launch or managing your customer, we offer an extensive array of solutions in visibility all in one place. 

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Whether you are seeking greater visibility in customer relationship or better sales performance, our solutions enable organizations to unlock the inherent value of their own customer networks, using intelligently built Relationship Analytics platform. This rich set of analytics helps our clients improve key business challenges including data integrity, sales force effectiveness and enterprise-wide collaboration. We deliver our solutions through leading technology and business partners including IBM,, SugarCRM. 

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The result: stronger applications, improve customer sales performance and maximise ROI. 

AI Face Recognition & Applications

Artificial intelligence in business: The state of play and future prospects

Humans are more likely to work with smart machines in the digital enterprises of the future than be ousted by them, but the possibility of economic, social and educational disruption needs to be on your future agenda.

The Modern Cloud AI Contact Center Platform

AI OmniChannel

  • Orchestrate the best customer experience across all channels on one platform.
  • Flexibility to transfer omnichannel interactions seamlessly from chatbot to a live agent.
  • Accelerate overall customer support performance and operational effectiveness.


Sales & Customer Relationship Analytics

  • Visualisation, tracking and assessment of key client communications, relationships, accounts in real-time.
  • Immediate succession handover process for customer relationship transition.  
  • Improve sales performance and sales forecasting accuracy. 

Risk Analytics

  • Define communications patterns of "normalcy". Quickly get the patterns and raise early warnings.
  • Quick monitoring for data leakage across network. Identify potential collusion or irregular relationships. 
  • Reduces 80% Of Time and Effort in the early investigations. 

HR and People Analytics

  • Identify organisational influencers and make them as agents of CHANGE for new processes or ideas. 
  • Measure employee engagement, improve succession planning and support CHANGE decisions.
  • Post-Merger integration: helps in evaluation and successfully integration.
  • Employees' relationships can be visualised, to ensure better performance management decisions.

CRM Analytics

You're not just purchasing a CRM product, you’re investing in a CRM solution to address one or more critical business issues. The success of that solution won’t be determined by software alone. Success is predicated on bringing the right mix of people, processes, and technology together to achieve a common goal.

Employee Performance Management

A cloud-based continuous performance management software, we are recognised as CODiE Finalist for Best Human Capital / Talent Management software

Business Value of Data

  • Distributes relevant information for Business Units
  • Optimizes flow of real-time informaton
  • Reduces stress on operational 
  • Enables BI, Data Analytics and Applications
  • Supports Disastrous Recovery

Enhance Business Management and Mobility

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Mobile technology is an enabling tool for workforce mobility.  It allows the corporation to do business across regions and around the clocks.

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Corporate data security is managed to protect your business.

Business growth


We allow you to deploy your services start from small to big in different locations. Flexible and Scalable.  

Industry compatibility


We support Android and iPhone devices, Web and PC client.  Solution adopted by world-wide MNC like Cisco, Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft.  

Leveraging corporate management


Visibility among management and staff of all levels are encouraged.  It enables better communications within the company.

Case Study


Midea - Solved the collaborative communication problems among the staffs within the company using RTP solution.

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